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                                                                Here are some things you need to know:


1. This is a crowd-funded event. In order to help fellow creative people there is a $10 donation taken at the door.  50% goes to the project with the most votes for the night. 50% hopefully covers food and the venue.


2. Register. Registrations is highly recommended to identify you as an Creative. It let's me know who you are and gives me a count of who's coming. All meetings will have dinner and I want to have enough. Please go to the contact page and submit your name, email, and creative talent. You may also included any other contact information you like. Also stay in touch via Facebook at Garciascloset or the facebook page The Creatives.


3.Submissions has a due date to be considered. Those pre-selected projects will be notified.


4. Anyone can come. Anyone can submit their project.


5. Invite people. It's a crowd-funded event. The more people that come the more money is raised for a project. The more opportunity to network with creative people like you. 


6. Do you want to be feature for the night? Email me


7. If you want to post a business card or event on the site, email me.


                                                                                COME LET'S HAVE A GOOD TIME!

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